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We’ve created life-changing opportunities as a privately-owned company with a distinctive culture of community service and hundreds of successful business owners nationwide.

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With over 30 years of franchising experience, Service Brands provides the leadership, business systems, and franchisee support that allows our franchisees to experience ease of operation and success.

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Our mission is to help owners quickly reach their profit goals and realize their dreams. Take control of your life and become a proud owner in the Service Brands’ franchise family.

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For a large number of individuals, the daily routine of going to a job they don’t enjoy can become stale really fast. The struggle between juggling work time and family time becomes stressful. Why have these problems, when you can build a career that not only supports your family, but allows you to spend quality time with them?

At Service Brands International, we provide individuals the opportunity to build a successful franchise upon a well-known brand. This is more than just a career opportunity; this is an investment in the rest of your life. Whether you choose to build a cleaning franchise, painting franchise, or handyman franchise, you are backed by proven business systems and support services tailored by more than 30 years of experience.

Service Brands International operates the following franchise brands:

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Any time someone wants to begin the process of starting their own franchise with us, we notice the trend in the individuals. They are usually looking for a way to achieve their goals of being a business owner, have the resources and energy to devote themselves to their business, and want to spend more time with their loved ones. At Service Brands International, we look for specific qualities in the individuals we choose to run one of our franchises. Aside from these characteristics, individuals must also have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills and bring proven management and leadership skills to the table.

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At Service Brands International, our ultimate goal is to allow individuals the opportunity to quickly reach their profit goals and realize their dreams. Our system is proven and more than 500 business owners across the nation and throughout Canada are experiencing and enjoying financial success; all while having enough time to spend with their family.

Don’t allow yourself to settle for the mundane. With unlimited opportunity at your fingertips, all you have to do is take the leap towards your future.

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